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Rossi Single Shot TUFFY 410 Bore 18.5" Black Polymer

This is a low budget single shot shotgun that uses .410 bore ammo. The barrel is 18.5" in length and the recoil is negligible. The advantage is that your kid can use it without problems in deterring the snakes and other predators from your homestead. Good also for home and personal defense.

One thing you must be aware of. It uses 3" birdshot and buckshot shells but NOT slugs.

The web page of the product.

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Ruger MarkIV 22/45 Lite pistol in .22 LR ammo

This is an extremely accurate and reliable pistol for .22 LR ammunition. Kinda odd in appearance but still pretty. Personally, I see it more reliable than the other two Ruger pistols, LCP II and RC22.

The 4.40" barrel length assures not only a high accuracy, but also the required space to mount an optical targeting device. This pistol is competition ready but can be used for fun in a homestead, downing the varmint and defending the home (or the chicken eggs :D ). In this kind of environment, I will say that is a good alternative to a Rugger 10/22 rifle.

A little to the expensive side, but it is a high end product. And it looks awesome - you almost expect to shoot energy beams out of it.

The product web page...

... and the gallery:

Below, the Team Sootch review:


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The proof that the F-16 platform can be developed even further:

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"There has never been a country in the history of mankind that has accumulated more power than the United States of America and abused it less." - Barry Morton Farber